Eastern Shore Duplicate 

Bridge Club 

Board Minutes

Eastern Shore Duplicate Bridge Club

Board of Directors Meeting

June 2, 2022

Call To Order: Jenny Slay, President

Present: Jenny Slay, Cheryl Baird, “C” Fogarty, Susannah Talbert, Judy Marchbanks, Jayne Murphy, Paula Potter

Minutes: Minutes of Annual Meeting read and approved

Treasure Report: Read and approved

Old Business:

Janet’s game – at this time she still wants to keep her game but knows the club in interested in taking over. She is working on getting her players interested in coming back and inviting people who took the class that was offered by Lynne Parker and Pat Barrow.

Sue Wood is seeing if there is interest in a new comers game on Wednesday morning. ESDBC does not have a sanctioned game on Wednesday, does have 0-20 on Thursday, so would have the sanctioned game moved if there is interest. Sue will direct the newcomer game and not play so questions can be asked.

Susan Trimble asked for an Ethic’s committee, Jenny will talk with her about it. Susan would chair and Jenny would appoint the 2 members.

New Business:


1. There are to few minutes on the clock per hand when playing 4 boards. Ron suggested that we adopt ACBL time of 7.5 minutes per hand.

2. Don’t start clock till all tables are able to move.

3. Don’t yell “phone” as most time it is from the front of the room. Paula will discuss these with the directors.

Special game June 29, 2022 Swiss game Sue has organized and will direct. Ron and Betty will help. Have invited area clubs.

Respectfully submitted,

Susannah Talbert